In Light we mourn Keeper Lichtträger

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Re: In Light we mourn Keeper Lichtträger

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Julian Steiner, we met at some shady place in Mexico City, and I am not too proud about the state I was in. You, Dr. Steiner, gave me a mighty key to unlock the powers of the Grey - visualization. You were a psychologist, someone who knew about all the dark places of the human mind, and also about how those were not always only inside our heads.

I have never asked how you found me, and I do suspect you were sent by some other Lighthouse Keeper, and I will ever be grateful for you showing up that evening, and kicking my butt, and also providing me with the necessary tools to make sense of it all.

And, seriously, I have a hard time believing you gone. You had your own reasons to turn solitudinous, and bite away every friendly interaction. I guess you knew what you walked into. It doesn't matter that I wish you'd talked with someone, anyone of us beforehand. I huts regret not having been there to have your back. But there are roads one has to walk alone. Rest in peace.
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