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Short background:
I'm running a major hotel, worked there for 15 years and been the manager for 5. It's a cliché but you could say I'm married to my work, especially after the divorce with my wife. Details are important, and some would say I'm obsessed with it, but God knows it has also helped me a lot of times.

Most recent event:
My hotel, well I call it that even if I'm very well aware of that I don't own it just running it, has been a big success. Up until this year of course. Suddenly a lot of rooms was empty for many nights in a row and I had to lay off most of the staff. Now this in itself was of course nothing odd or weird, it was just the stupid virus, it however led to a series of events that is still going on. Some staff, well one night portier in particular had a couple of times mentioned to me that he had heard noises from presumably empty rooms. Now this guy, well, he has made up stories before so I didn't put much thought to it.

When the cleaners however went to clean a room that been empty for a week and noticed the bed was wet I began to be suspicous. As I said I have a very good eyes for details, and now and then I would discover things that was off, ornaments that had been moved, a bed that been made up poorly or just changed from the day before, water on the bathroom floor. Finally I at least discovered a pattern of one of the suits that had been off 3 Mondays in a row and I decided to spend the weekend in it myself, thinking I would catch maybe one of the security employees coming there for a party, because otherwise why didn't it show up on the security records?

This was last weekend and the short story is that I left already on Sunday after waking up on the floor with the worst hangover of my life. Now, I had not been drinking, I don't do drugs, and I know that what I had seen was not nightmares. I'm not unused to nightmares. I've had a lot of them and woken up screaming but this wasn't a dream, I'm sure of it. Still my memory of it is much like as if it was a dream, it's shattered all over with pieces that don't make sense. It's a mix of sounds, visual images, and very cold. There was something there I'm sure, but what it was, well, either I need a psychiatrist or I'm onto something, or potentially someone.

Lighthouse goal:
Well I'm going back in there, whatever or whoever is messing with my hotel should have known I'm not giving it up without a fight. It would however feel really good to be armed with some more knowledge when I do, so I guess I'm here seeking that. I want to know how to get that thing to leave.

In return, well if you need a place to stay, not just in Gothenburg but all over northern Europe at least I can probably get you a room, the hotel business is surprisingly small so especially now when most hotels are more or less empty anyway, just drop me a note and I'll fix you up for no or very low cost.
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