Cleansing Candles

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Cleansing Candles

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Hi, my grandma has made a new batch of her popular and most effective cleansing candles! She made me help make them and now my clothes stink :P
Let me know if you want some!
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Terry Devlin
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Re: Cleansing Candles

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Hello Obeah,
Do you think you cleansing candle could help getting ridd of sulfuric smell? I cannot seems to smell anything since that day at Montmartre, I fear some dark curse has befallen to me. I still feel the rash on my skin, under my clothes, it linger...
I do have some rare incense if you wish to trade.

Convey my thanks to your grandma,

"If I do not burn, if you do not burn, if we do not burn, how then will darkness become light?"
-Nazim Hikmet
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